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Audry and dating

Audrey was then offered a starring role opposite Gregory Peck in the Hollywood motion picture, .

Suffering from malnutrition, Audrey developed several health problems.At that time she adopted the pseudonym , modifying her mother's documents to do so, because an "English-sounding" name was considered dangerous.This was never her legal name and this lead to a lot of confusion regarding Audrey's name and many biographies incorrectly state her birth name as Edda.Audrey had trained in ballet since childhood and won critical acclaim for her talent, which she showcased in the film.However, her ballet teachers had deemed her "too tall" to be a professional ballet dancer, since, at 5'7", she was taller than many of the male dancers.She got into acting mainly to make money so that her mother would not have to work menial jobs to support them.

Her first major performance was in the 1951 film The Secret People, in which she played a ballet dancer.

She later called his abandonment the most traumatic moment of her life (years later she located her father and sent him money and wrote him many letters).

After the 1935 divorce of her parents, she was living with her mother at Arnhem, Netherlands when the German invasion and occupation of World War II occurred.

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For her performance, she won the 1953 Academy Award for Best Actress.