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Best dating sim game iphone

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But it leads us to confession time #2: My husband is an otome-enabler.

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That seems to be the premise of Food Court, which takes place in a universe populated by anthropomorphic food items that, uh, eat and date other foods.#ilu Jam, a month-long game jam that has just ended, includes several free, delightful, and unusual games.I've only played a few so far, such as Food Court (the previous entry on this list) and also the incredible Amity Bound, pictured above; the game revolves around a traveling circus packed with fun characters, including both humans and the occasional anthropomorphic animal, like a two-headed snake who's also the circus's chef.I have some standards (surprising though that may be to some of you), and at the top of the list is that the game cannot be too lackadaisical with issues of consent.I don’t personally have any trigger issues, so I may be more forgiving than some, but even I can’t get past the intro of a game wherein the “desirable” male character(s) sexually threaten the main character like it ain’t no thang.It feels like an unofficial fan-fiction epilogue to Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds, but with more supernatural elements and straight-up weirdness.

Unlike the pigeons in Hateful Boyfriend, many of whom treat the protagonist like a princess, your evening with the pugs in Hot Date will probably not go well.

This collection of self-aware, humorous dating sims will charm you with cuteness.

Many dating sims are available in the Mac gaming space, but few are as funny and adorable as this collection of dating sims featuring unusual prospects, from pugs to dinosaurs to sandwiches.

You get the thrill of a new romance, with the accompanying discovery and excitement that brings, all while remaining faithful to your existing monogamous partner (if you have one). Now, in the interests of “full disclosure,” I’ll also tell you I have a vested interest in trying to convert as many people as possible to the otome genre.

I figure the more of you I can convince to spend your hard-earned dollars on these games, the more incentive we’ll give developers to make and translate more. At this point I consume them at an almost voracious pace.

Unfortunately, it’s easy to get jaded after binging on a few; they often have the same types of guys and the storyline tropes can get eye-rollingly common. Each game starts with 5 guys and each time there are the same types—it’s clear copy/paste.