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(realitywanted 4.27.12) One by one, the men were picked off and with his back against the wall, Troyzan was fired up and definitely not going to the jury without a fight.Last night, the women finally got him out of the game and we talked to him today about his love of the game, his alliance's betrayal, and what he learned the most watching the episodes back on television.

(Survivor Fans Podcast 5.11.12) Listen to this interview to hear which two castaways he saved from being medevaced, the list of injuries he sustained, his strategy behind wearing the women's clothes and lots more!Listen to this interview to hear how she managed to stay focused through it all, her tips for a winning social game, what factors she weighed to make that final decision to take Chelsea and Sabrina plus lots more!(5.14.12) The bridal shop owner from San Antonio, TX formed a Day 1 alliance with Sabrina and Chelsea and kept it intact all the way to the end.He really created some excitement down the stretch, going head-on alone against the entire tribe.Unfortunately, the underdog doesn't always come out on top.Kat joins Rob Cesternino to talk about the shock of being voted out and her time on Survivor One World.

(Survivor Fans Podcast 4.27.12) Listen to this interview to hear what caused the rift with Michael, which underdog he would like to see win, what surprise he left for the tribe when they got back from voting him out and lots more!

(Zap2It 5.14.12) Kim Spradlin became the 11th female winner of "Survivor," but she became the first to engineer an all-female Final 5.

She tells Zap2it that she was surprised by the margin of victory, but she was absolutely shocked by the Fan Favorite vote.

(Survivor Fans Podcast 5.14.12) Listen to this interview to hear how they felt about their edits, potentially vote changing questions that were asked at final tribal that did not get aired, how Alicia's family responded after watching the show and lots more!

(5.14.12) Despite the public perception, both Christina and Alicia made it all the way to the Final 5, and had Alicia not fell victim to Kim's charm (like everybody else did), she may have kept Tarzan in the game and found herself in the Final 3 Christina Cha and Alicia Rosa took fourth and fifth place, respectively on "Survivor: One World" and while they may have started out pretty rough on the show, in their exit interview with Zap2it, the friendship was palpable.

Alicia Rosa was one of the most controversial players on Survivor: One World especially for one remark she made in which she negatively compared her fellow castaways to the special needs students she works with.