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Dating an eternal bachelor

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They like their woman unpredictable and unattainable. The bad bitch takes all their money and says, “NEXT! ” The “no one is good enough for his highness” type once said.Well, if you find yourself going from woman to woman and all of them are crazy, then maybe you should stop to think for a second and realize that the common denominator amongst these so-called “crazy women” is you.

I was inspired to write this article after reading the “Girls Who Are Never Getting Married” and “Girls You Should Be Marrying” articles that were posted on Elite Daily recently.Although he has made his name playing a series of bumbling, foppish Englishmen who, against the odds, invariably get the girl, in real life it seems that there is no happy ending on the horizon for Hugh Grant.Some of his friends envy his lifestyle, which is such that at 42, he is even starting to draw comparisons with the actor Warren Beatty, famed for his legion of sexual conquests.So maybe YOU are the one who needs to get your brain examined before you end up in your beautiful clean home full of material treasures that you have no one to share with but your lonely self.Does he still have pictures with his ex-girlfriend on his Facebook that he just can't seem to delete?Let him go and, if he was truly interested, he will contact you once he is ready to start from zero without the baggage.

If he doesn't figure out how to get over his ex-girlfriend obsession he is not likely to be thinking of marriage.

This girl takes him on a rollercoaster of sex, drugs, and rock & roll.

Sorry good girl but you are just too boring and ordinary for this type.

However, he might never blossom and turn to heavy drinking and video games and be alone forever.

Lastly, I would like to wish you all luck to find true love and I promise you, there are men out there who are looking for that connection.

If yes, then maybe he is a good guy but is just not ready for anything too serious in the near future.