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Dating someone out of pity

It was times like these you regretted ever taking the Vongola Decimo’s offer and becoming the head chef in the mansion. Since your fiancé – the Mist guardian of the Vongola – was often found in the Vongola Mansion, it meant that you basically worked at the same place he did.And most of the time everything was relaxed and laid-back.

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How do you account for the fact that even after you are married or going out with a guy/girl, you still meet people that tickle your fancy and would even possibly make better partners or spouses?However, the past week had been different, seeing as the annual Vongola Gala was taking place.Which meant, as head chef, you had a lot of preparing to do and as the fiancée of the Mist guardian, you were also expected to actually attend. I want it cooked just past medium-rare and being brought out not five minutes after that.Marriage is a sacred thing, you dont jump into it anyhow. Love and Trust are the main ingredients of marriage. Opinions please-----marriage is a forever thing and it shouldn't be ventured into lightly.

it's a wonderful thing to marry someone you love and who loves you back and even better if the person is your best friend, that way you'll never get it wrong. I dont believe in it but I believe in understanding.

please someone out there advice me on what to do cos i am afraid of divorce and what it can do to my handsome son she bore me It is not good to marry someone out of pity because it will affect the marriage.

If you date someone for two yrs and you find out that you don't like the person, quite from him or her before it is to late, because if it take so long like 4 or 6yrs above, you must marry that person whether you like or not.

Time surely heals all wounds and the dumped party will surely get over it.

The person might even wonder what he/she saw in you in the first place.

And for the love of all that is holy do not forget to serve from the correct side. The staff packed in the kitchen made sure to nod their head in acknowledgement.