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Dating tips callling conversation

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You don’t want to just be one of her many orbiters who’s always asking her out; you want to be someone whom she to seeing in person.

Rejection is actually a good thing because it means you’re putting yourself out there!Family, your best friend, other girls you’re seeing, platonic female friends…you want to talk to someone you feel at ease with, someone you can have an easy-going flowing conversation with.Then, when the scheduled hour arrives, you say your goodbyes, hang up the phone and immediately dial her number.You’ll already be far more relaxed and in a talkative mood than you would be if you spent the day dreading the moment you would have to make the call – and you’ll be far less likely to make any nervous mistakes.It’s easier to hang up the phone than to escape a bad date! You should always embrace phone etiquette when asking someone out.

Call at a respectable time and ask if they’re free to talk.

It’s no wonder then that a lot of guys prefer texting to phone calls; you have time to compose a reply instead of tripping over your own tongue (or dick, let’s be honest here) trying to say something witty or cool in real time and avoiding that dreaded seven minute lull punctuated by “So…

anyway…” If you’re the sort of person who gets nervous talking to someone you like on the phone – whether it’s for the first time or the fortieth time – then the best thing you can do is warm up before hand. Just as you wouldn’t want to start running a 5k cold or to start pumping out reps on the bench press the minute you roll into the gym, you shouldn’t stress calling that new number without getting yourself into a more relaxed, easy-going headspace first.

Still, it can be a real bummer to get shot down by cupid.

If the object of your affection declines your invitation, don’t be rude or demand an explanation. If you get a big fat ‘yes,’ you might be so overwhelmed with excitement that you forget the plans you made!

Simply accept their answer, wish them well and bid them adieu! It would be pretty embarrassing to have to call them back and reconfirm.