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Does race matter in dating

In a 2009 OKCupid “Race Report”, the site observed how race factored into attraction.It turns out most races preferred to date within their own race.

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In a relationship does race/ethnicity really matter more than happiness or how the people involved are treating one another??When it comes to interracial dating and intercultural romances, skin color tends to get noticed, although attitudes about interracial dating have become more accepting with each generation, with a 90 percent approval from millennials.Now, a recent study published in the suggests our romantic attractions toward people of other races is influenced by our ideological beliefs, like “color-blindness” and multiculturalism.The findings revealed black men and white women expressed more positive attitudes toward interracial dating, compared with black women and white men.Some white females downplayed the social significance of interracial relationships, and even admitted they were unaware it was an issue of concern to students, especially black females.The researchers only focused on the participants' ratings of the black and white women.

The findings revealed the participants reported greater attraction toward women of their same race.

White men were more likely to give higher ratings to white women, and black men were more likely to give higher ratings toward the black women.

However, the participants’ ideology greatly influenced their responses.

Asian men and black men received fewer messages than white men, while black women received the fewest messages of all its users.

In comparison to a 2014 Race Report, Ok Cupid users were not more open-minded than they used to be. So, although attitudes about interracial dating suggest we are more accepting as a society, the truth is even those who believe in “color-blindness” ideologies contribute to the racial bias that still exists. Interracial attraction among college men: The influence of ideologies, familiarity, and similarity.

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