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Since January, questionnaires must be filled out to specify the relationship between a person sending money through Western Union or Cebuana L'huillier, a chain of pawnshops, and the recipient of the funds.

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Anyone who spends a few hours with the girls, playing soccer or merely observing them, realizes that they are children who are as shy and unrefined as alley cats.For a time, Yo-Ann confused the Brazilian's words with love. Looking for Love - and a Better Life Many encounters on the Web begin with girls hoping that a rich man will rescue them from poverty and give them a happy life, if they can only be good enough.She couldn't process the things he was telling her. According to Terre des Hommes, a few men actually travel to the Philippines after a series of chats.The mayor hopes that the system will enable his office to flag unusual transfers. Unfortunately, says Gairanod, residents aren't stupid. Those who are paid for cybersex simply go to a branch of Western Union or Cebuana L'huillier in the next town for their payments.In a safe house a few kilometers north Cordova, run by Forge, an organization that partners with Terre des Hommes, 16 underage girls live behind a heavy iron door. One of them is Yo-Ann*, who is celebrating her 13th birthday on this particular today.Ney: "love i want so much kisses all your body" Yo-Ann: "yes" Ney: "and starting in your lips" Yo-Ann: "yes" Ney: "i want touch you love.

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But when you meet one of them, you quickly realize that love has very little to do with it.

An elderly Frenchman is sitting in the lobby of a seedy hotel in Cebu City, 20 kilometers from Cordova.

He spends several months a year in this hotel in the red-light district. He has brought a thin 31-year-old woman named Gwendoline with him to the meeting.

They say that they have only met once before, on Skype.

A final verdict has yet to be issued against those arrested in Cordova.