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You may even have attended their meetings, described by some to be meeting places of the yuppies.They will tell you that they are part of the Church of Christ, Boston and they do everything exactly as the Bible says ... The article then traces the history of the CCC, to its origin in the United States and subsequently London (more of this later).

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In the Oct/Nov 1991 issue of Impact, there appeared an article about two new religious groups which had been actively evangelising among the youths in Singapore.Keeping count of the days that there are been SI free maintain you motivated as you set yourself targets, for instance getting to days, thirty days or weeks.Topics CAV Judgment IImpact article New Paper publication Wan Bao publication Parties The Plaintiffs' Complaints"Cult" : The meaning Defences Justification History Witnesses"The only true church"Salvation and baptism Other allegations Discipleship Recruitment A week in life...The second article is headed "AOG & CCC They're Not What You Think." In this article, two hooded figures are shown facing a young lady, against a background of an MRT station.In the part of the article about the AOG, the young lady is shown as if she is shaking hands with one of the hooded figures.Only those baptised by the group are truly baptised. The movement has a pyramid-type organisation, and expects total commitment to the leadership. The disciple has to report to the discipler exactly how he spent his time and who he was with. The article continues with extracts of interviews with two persons who had left the group.

One of their leaders was reported to have said : "Leadership is to be imitated, not evaluated." 4. All sins including sinful thoughts are to be confessed. Members are encouraged to leave their homes and live communally. These two apparently had been members of the more conventional Christian churches.

There then follows on the next page the third article, headed "Who Cares About Heresies Anyway?

" Two hooded figures, each holding a lighted candle, appear at the end of the article . The part of the second article which deals with the CCC starts with the following introduction : "You may meet them at MRT stations, inviting you to their home meetings.

Boyfriend and girlfriend relationships tend to be guided, if not determined, by the group and its leaders. They had been attracted to the group by the warmth, openness and sincerity of its members.

But they were never able to reconcile what the group taught them with what they had been taught previously, such as in the area of baptism.

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