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Multiple power domains and a low-power standby mode ensure a wide variety of applications can benefit from the FE310.

We do plan to make the individual Freedom E310 chips available, but currently the only thing available is the Hifive1 board.Количество Подарочных карт не ограничено для одного Студента EF и зависит только от количества Друзей начавших обучение. Совершить покупку по карте гарантированно можно во всех магазинах LEGO/re: Store/Samsung/NIKE/SONY в городах Москва, Новосибирск, Санкт-Петербург, Сочи, Нижний Новгород, Тюмень и других городах, на территории России, где магазины LEGO/re: Store/Samsung/NIKE/SONY принимают карты.Со списком магазинов, где принимаются Подарочные карты, можно ознакомиться на сайте 32.The Freedom E310 (FE310) is the first member of the Freedom Everywhere family of customizable So Cs.Designed for microcontroller, embedded, Io T, and wearable applications, the FE310 features Si Five’s E31 CPU Coreplex, a high-performance, 32-bit RV32IMAC core.Please note that these boards and chips are Engineering Samples, and are intended for development use only.

Si Five was founded by the creators of the free and open RISC-V architecture as a reaction to the end of conventional transistor scaling and escalating chip design costs.

Take a look: Si Five Git Hub By releasing the RTL code, Si Five wants to encourage open source development of both software support for RISC-V as well as promote open hardware development.

The RTL code also empowers chip designers with the ability to customize their own So C on top of the base FE310.

There are some additional complexities associated with providing chips and support that we are working through. Si Five has launched and demoed the first set of Hi Five1 dev kits and Freedom Everywhere 310 So Cs at the 5th RISC-V Workshop held on November 29, 2016.

To get these dev kits to everybody as soon as possible, we are expediting our next manufacturing build.

Running at 320 MHz, the FE310 is among the fastest microcontrollers in the market.