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Intimidating dog names male

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In fact the only words here are from the Hindi language.

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They are not only intelligent and easy to train but are also quite attentive. Felix - Latin - One who is very fortunate and happy. Greco - "I love the smell of Greek cooking." Hector - One of the bravest Trojan warriors. Helicon - A mountain region in Greece that was the mythological home of the muses. Menelaus - A king of Sparta and Helen of Troy's husband. · Ashok: Without sadness, according to the sources I could find. Although this name has only one syllable, I really like it! Indian names for a female puppy: · Anya: Different.

) so if you like this name be sure to do some additional research.

On top of needing a tough, intelligent dog, the dogs need to be recognized in a way that is intimidating to criminals.

This is often achieved through the use of police dog names.

For this reason, when you rescue a retired police dog, you will probably find that the name is fairly aggressive sounding.

If your job is to determine police dog names for candidates at the academy, you should take a look at the list below to get an idea of the way police dog names should sound so that the K-9 unit isn’t laughable.

Right away when we first got this dog we thought of Will, Willy, or Fred.