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Jamie and joey dating entourage

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But Bianca was seen to be furious with Jamie on Friday night after he opted not to vote for her to be eternally immune from nominations.

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For the complete list of celebrity appearances and cameos see the List of celebrities appearing on Entourage.It transpires that the 'sexually bored' ex-Spurs player was lusting after Nicola Mc Lean the other night too.Joining Coleen Nolan - and Nicola herself - in the smoking area, Jamie left little to the imagination as he re-told his housemates about a sex dream he had, involving the glamour model.'What a dream I had last night,' he started. Full works.'As if that tidbit wasn't more than enough, Jamie went on to say: 'It was weird.He was alleged to have been swept up in a fight at one of Los Angeles' most star-studded eateries over the weekend. Witnesses told TMZ that a man approached Jamie's table where he was sitting with fellow actor Tyrin Turner, his barber Conrad Hilton and other friends on the restaurant's famed patio and asked them to be quiet.And Jamie Foxx has responded to the reports in the best possible way, taking to social media to share a funny video of his 'injuries'. Fighting words: Witnesses claim a man approached Jamie's table where he was sitting with friends asked them to be quiet before verbally threatening them.I woke up and was like wow okay…'Lost for anything else to say, Nicola joked 'I’m glad I make people happy in their dreams' as Coleen snidely remarked 'yeah, in your dreams'.

Nicola and Jamie have been seen to get a little too close for comfort on the show, with Nicola drunkenly nestling into him on previous episodes.

Now it seems Jessica Cunningham has caught the boys' eye, with them both admiring her in Saturday night's edition of the show.

Reclining on the sofa while Jessica obliviously chatted at the kitchen table, Jamie said: 'To be fair she is fit though!

Their first tiff comes shortly after the pair decided they would go on holiday together when they leave the show, to cement their newly-sprung love affair.

Jamie assured Bianca: 'We'll have some fun when we get out of here! ' 'I'll take you away,' Jamie promised, to which Bianca squealed 'I'm game!

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