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Lei qiang dating

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By this time, Ye had observed the environmental destruction caused by humans in the name of progress.

The work was serialized in Science Fiction World in 2006, published as a book in 2008 and became one of the most popular science fiction novels in China.Ye is taken into police custody and interrogated about her agenda about the ETO, about which she reveals possible classified information present on board the transport ship Judgement Day, which is disguised as an ordinary merchant ship.To collect the information about the Trisolaran world on board Judgement Day, the Chinese authorities work with international police and military organizations.Ye and Mike Evans, the heir of a rich American oil tycoon and a "pan-species communist", then established the Earth-Trisolaris Organization (ETO), calling upon people who have lost faith in human society to prepare and welcome the arrival of their new Trisolaran overlords on Earth.In 2007, nanomaterials expert Wang Miao (汪淼) is shocked when he is given a countdown warning (by the Sophons, unknown to him at the time) for him to terminate his new research project. In the meantime, his contact with some of his colleagues and his efforts to find out the truth have also made him chance upon a game developed by the ETO, titled Three Body.With no definite pattern to the suns' movement, Trisolaris may be destroyed at any time in the future.

In the face of this existential crisis, Trisolaran society evolved to become highly totalitarian and fully dedicated to the exploration of habitable planets in outer space to colonize and resettle upon.

Ye barely escaped persecution and was exiled to the countryside, where she got into deep trouble after commenting on Silent Spring, a banned book at the time.

She managed to find political refuge after being recruited into the "Red Coast Base", a top-secret military establishment commissioned by the communist government to establish contact with aliens.

The gravitational forces between the suns and the planet are extremely chaotic, and have caused 11 of the original 12 planets to be consumed by the suns.

The living environment on the sole remaining planet, Trisolaris, is also extremely harsh: when the planet is within the orbit range of one sun, it enters a short era of stable day-night cycle, which the native Trisolarans term as Stable Era; when the planet is trapped between the orbits of multiple suns, its day-night cycle becomes distorted, and the days may become extremely hot should the planet be too close to any of the suns, or extremely cold if otherwise, and this period is termed as a Chaotic Era.

Unwittingly, the message was received by Trisolaris four light-years away.