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Mandating reporting suicide in michigan

Conditions may vary slightly but most reporting statutes include that the mandated reporter: When a mandatory duty to report violence against an individual or individuals exists, there is no exception to the directive: one must report without fail. As a result, nurse-patient confidentiality, another staff member or administrator telling you not to report your concerns, or a family member pleading with you not to report your observations do not affect your duty to report.Indeed, if you as a nurse fail to report an instance of violence when required to do so, you could face professional disciplinary action by the state board of nursing, a loss of any certifications you hold (e.g., certification as a school nurse), and criminal prosecution (usually a misdemeanor).

She told him that I called her, as well as the details about the call.We talked a long time, and she cried with me and said she wanted to do whatever possible to help me.She gave me hope and wanted to make sure that I kept in close touch, so that I wasn’t alone in this.Mandatory Reporting for DHS Employees​ All citizens have a responsibility to protect those who cannot protect themselves.Members of the general public may report suspected abuse and neglect if they choose.Various laws covering these populations offer differing definitions of abuse and different penalties for failing to report.

But there is a lot of common ground such as any evidence of physical injury, neglect, sexual or emotional abuse, or financial exploitation.

Her note went on to say that I was never to contact her again, and that she could do nothing more to help me.

I was absolutely devastated by the email — it was the opposite of everything she had told me during our call, when she said she wanted to be there for me and help me make it through.

Email or fax it to Adult Protective Services ([email protected] fax (907) 269-3648 ) to receive credit and have your record updated.

I am trying to deal with something that has made my severe depression even worse, and I was wondering if you might have any information about the official guidelines on being a “mandatory reporter”.

I am dealing with deep depression, and finally reached out to a friend, who I knew had dealt with mental health issues many years ago.