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Mark ballas and chelsie hightower dating

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If he is happy with her, then I am happy for him.” Interestingly enough, Chelsie admitted Mark, 24, isn’t confessing his true feelings for the 22-year-old next week, Chelsie dished some insider scoop.“On Tuesday night, he will be dancing alone to her — it won’t be part of the competition,” she explained, adding.

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She said, "They like to give me the ones that have no dance experience at all. And I don't want to jeopardize that and I don't want to get in their way." "I think it would be only respectful to Louie [Vito] and Chelsie that the lovebirds wait until the end of the season,” Karina playfully added.on ABC.[Read full story on The Insider] » - The Insider Even though the far less charismatic Tom De Lay received the same score, Kathy Ireland and partner Tony Dovolani were ejected by Dancing With the Stars fans last night. Carter dignified their kvetching with an even kookier defense "Honestly, I was pumping myself.Ireland is the third celeb to be eliminated this season, paving the way for a clear Donny Osmond victory. » - Jon Lachonis Aaron Carter has confessed that he has a crush on Dancing With The Stars professional Chelsie Hightower.The singer, who is competing in the ABC competition with Karina Smirnoff, told Us Weekly that he recently developed a crush on 20-year-old Hightower, who is partnered with snowboarder Louie Vito. ' so I just went up to (more) » - By Lara Martin "Dancing with the Stars" pro Karina Smirnoff's new blog entry reveals that a romance may be developing on the set of the "Dancing" show.Karina is interviewing her partner Aaron Carter on her Fancast blog, and the pop star confesses he has a crush on dancing pro Chelsie Hightower. But last night, after the show, I did ask if she had a boyfriend and let her know that I liked her." Aaron, Karina, Chelsie and the rest of the "Dancing" cast face round two of eliminations tonight on the ABC show.[Read full story on The Insider] » - The Insider Well this is awkward. US: Well, that rumba was a little risque for a teenager... The judges just thought that when I took off my shirt it was a distraction. PHOTOS: Backstage at US: Here comes the requisite question about Sarah Palin. MB: Oh yeah, I went to their house in Alaska and Sarah came to the show twice.

“I think [Pia] is a great girl and he is a great guy,” Chelsie said. Mark is my best friend, so I wish him all the happiness and all the success in the world.

The dancers performed a medley of songs associated with Swayze's film career, including his ' She's Like The Wind' from the soundtrack to the 1987 movie, which was choreographed by Chelsie Hightower and Dmitry (more) » - By Tim Parks So You Think You Can Dance alumni and current Dancing with the Stars professionals, Chelsie Hightower and Dmitryi Chaplin opened a moving tribute to Patrick Swayze during last night's Dwts results show.

The pair danced to "She's Like The Wind," which all you Patrick Swayze lovers know, Swayze sang himself during Dirty Dancing.

Joanna received » - The Insider Six professional dancers on Dancing with the Stars paid tribute to Patrick Swayze during last night's broadcast.

It was announced last week that the popular Us dance competition was to honour the late Dirty Dancing star, who recently passed away from pancreatic cancer.

When the two were first seen together, an insider close to Ballas told In Touch: Mark and BC Jean have been dating and hanging out for about a month or so.