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This apprenticeship would last for two years before Kürten stole all the money he could find in his household, plus approximately 300 marks from his employer, and ran away from home.He also confessed to the 1913 murders of a 9-year-old girl in Mülheim am Rhein, He was subsequently executed in July 1931.Kürten became known as the The Vampire of Düsseldorf as he occasionally made attempts to drink the blood from his victims' wounds, and the Düsseldorf Monster both because the majority of his murders were committed in and around the city of Düsseldorf, and the savagery he inflicted upon his victims' bodies.The majority of these fires were in barns and haylofts, and Kürten would estimate to police he had committed approximately 24 acts of arson upon his arrest that New Year's Eve.He also freely admitted these fires had been committed both for his sexual excitement and in the hopes of burning sleeping tramps alive.when he pushed a school friend whom he knew could not swim off a raft.

When a second boy attempted to save the drowning youngster, Kürten held this boy's head underwater in order that both boys drowned.

In a room above an inn at Köln-Mülheim, I discovered a child of about 10 asleep. I seized it with my left hand and strangled her for about a minute and a half.

The child woke up and struggled but lost consciousness ...

As a result of his desertion, Kürten was tried by the military system and convicted of desertion in addition to multiple counts of arson, robbery and attempted robbery (the latter charges pertaining to acts he had also committed that year), and imprisoned from 1905 to 1913.

Kürten served his sentence in Münster, with much of his time spent in solitary confinement for repeated instances of insubordination.

In part because of the extensive physical violence he endured from his father, from an early age, Kürten frequently ran away from home, spending much of his time in the company of petty criminals and social misfits.