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She impressed director and producer Maneesh Singh at the first go who signed her on for one of his projects which is based on lesbian and gay relationships in India. Singh who was looking for a bold new girl with a desi look and clean North Indian Hindi accent, but minus the qualms of posing nude or topless immediately got to work.Shooting for the project now is in full swing and Singh is so besotted by Raima that he also signed her on for one of his Tamil projects as well, two days after she was signed for Bombay Dost.

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Dad turns complainant“Joshua asked Taaha’s mother to sell their Versova apartment and pay the hefty amount or face dire consequences.“Joshua, who is unemployed, hatched a plan and managed to transfer the video clip via bluetooth on his phone when Taaha was away.Once the copy of the clip came in his possession, Joshua started issuing threats to Taaha, and demanded that he cough up Rs 17 lakh.But, Taaha refused to budge, after which Matthews allegedly threatened to make the private clip public on social networking sites,” said a police source. Joshua, who always envied his cousin, is learnt to have gone a step ahead and allegedly sent certain images of the clip to Taaha’s girlfriend, to try and coax her to convince Taaha to pay up.When Taaha realised that the matter had worsened, he informed his mother and asked her to intervene and settle the issue with her nephew.According to police sources, his cousin Joshua Matthews got his hands on a video clip Taaha had shot with his girlfriend, who also happens to be an actor.

The clip had some private moments between the couple, and had it gone viral, it would have harmed their careers.

I am a Punjabi, but the first three years of my life were spent near Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh.

Says the spunky and devil-may-dare Raima Kapoor, “I have almost no memories of my childhood in India as we shifted to Great Britain when I was very young.

It was then, that the actor’s mother informed her brother about his son’s nefarious activities.

The father, in return, opted to teach Joshua a lesson and approached the police station,” said a police official.

According to the police, Khan took advantage of this and began the extortion.