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One year dating anniversary gift ideas him

Including monthly stationery, envelopes, and love letter prompts!

Celebrate the days, weeks, and months of your first year with 4 different gifts- each correlating with a significant number.– Going with the traditional gift of paper, create a personalized photo calendar for your spouse.Even better, write in and highlight the special and significant days that you’ve shared together on the calendar.Some cotton gift ideas you could include are: cotton shirts, cotton socks, cotton pajamas, cotton scented candle, and cotton candy!These sharpie scripted pillows would make the perfect DIY second anniversary gift on cotton pillow cases.Create a mixed CD of your favorite love songs that remind you of your relationship.

But to go with your first anniversary paper gift, make the CD sleeve out of paper.

Here’s a cotton anniversary gift your spouse is guaranteed to love!

Grab the Game of Love, a sexy bedroom board game that’s printed on a COTTON fitted bed sheet!

Following the Themes for the 16th Wedding Anniversary Using the 16th Anniversary Color, Flower and Gemstone Going the Sentimental Route Community Q&A So, your 16th wedding anniversary is coming up and you’re trying to decide what to get your significant other?

There are a lot of ways you can make the 16th special.

For example, 1 pair of shoes for 1 year running strong. 52 favorite memories from 52 special weeks together. The options really are endless though with the presents you can choose! Why not gift your sweetheart a whole YEAR of love letters?