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Online dating first letter

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I was wondering if someone could give me some good advice for writing a good first letter to a lady I might be interested in. This site is difficult unless you are extremely good looking or are good looking and have a good profile. You will probably do no better than a 10% reply rate. If I'm bored I send out this : " I don't read profiles. if you dont ask open ended questions, ie give her something to reply to, you are unlikely to get a reply..For some reason most of my letters go unanswered; a few get deleted after being read and today I got the ultimate kick in the crotch; deleted without even being read! eg your hot, asks nothing therefore does not warrant a reply..

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Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. I get women approaching me, but that presents it's own problems. Lets have coffee."Whether that will work, I don't know, but I'm not holding my its not always about the first message you send and how well written or relavant it is to the recipient, as you have found out from your unread/deleted recently.about having a good profile, clear and flattering pictures and also a good opening message.said, if you make your message sound too "generic" and just as if you have copy/pasted a "spam" message to any old girl within your age/distance range you are even more unlikely to get a reply..I chat online and write to a lot of men, but sometimes it is really hard to read and understand what they write.Of course this is not the most decisive factor for me and I wouldn't give the go-by to a nice guy just because of his awful spelling.You can talk about your crazy hobbies, your hopeful plans for the future, your big/small house, your funny pets, your wild family members, your beloved car, your wonderful city and great friends.Don't Start Complaining Do not complain about how much you hate your job or how bad your ex was.If you really care to make an impression, you will find what to say.

There are millions of subjects to talk about, besides the weather.

Besides how big of a reply do you expect to receive to this?

Write a substantial and captivating letter, but do not overdo it with too many details either.

Some people may be not ready to change their way of life too much, others are looking forward to relocating and moving to a new place.

Read it over Again Sometimes people make lots of spelling mistakes and do not care to correct them.

Leave all the negativity for later because the person you are trying to correspond to is not that close to you yet to sympathize you or share your pain.