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Persona 3 portable dating mitsuru

” I suppose there some truth to that thought; we do tend to avoid making friends with people who don’t bring anything good into our lives, but it’s a selfish way of thinking, isn’t it?As I progressed through the game the first time I played it, I tried to complete the Social Links as best I could.

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Whether you join the volleyball club or tennis club, the Chariot social link will always be Rio Iwasaki. "I like action shows too." Rank 2 "Want to come earlier next time? " "Not at all." Rank 8 "You're a special friend." Or "It's because I like you." (Romance) "I'm not lying! Rank 1 This one starts by itself first thing in the morning on the monorail. To get the next rank you must agree to go out with him. Just begin Fuuka's social link and you'll get it at Rank 2. Rank 1 "Sure, let's go." Rank 2 "Don't worry, he'll be there." Rank 3 "Of course, they love you! " Rank 5 "That sounds wonderful." "Sounds interesting." Rank 6 "It's a gloomy story." Rank 7 Stay at his side. Keep doing this every evening until you end up giving him 40,000 Yen in total to begin this social link. " "It's all about money..." Rank 5 "Sounds like fun! Talk to him and agree to his offer (which means giving away 20,000 Yen). You'll find Tanaka at Paulownia Mall in the evening. Available Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Rank 1 "I like it." Rank 2 "That's not true." Rank 3 "Sure." Rank 4 "You may be right." Rank 5 "You brushed him off." Rank 6 Either options will do. You have to talk to either Saori or Rio at Rank 2 to unlock this and your Charm at Level 4 (Queen Bee). Just talk to Aigis in your classroom to begin this social link. This social link is only available on January provided that you choose the good option at New Years Eve.

Pairing: Akihiko x Fe MC, MC x Mitsuru Genre: Romance Rated: TWords: 470Disclaimer: Persona 3 Portable and characters belong to ATLUSSpoiler: January 2010/mostly Alternate Universe Minako had to get away from the constant bickering between Yukari and Junpei.

was a lot of fun to play, and I’d love to replay it when I have more time on my hands.

I recall getting around to thinking about friendships and relationships based on the game’s Social Link system. friendships/relationships with certain characters) is associated with a specific card from the Tarot’s major arcana, and improving these relationships help you power-up Persona that are associated with the cards.

" "It's the first I've heard..." "You should reconsider. Toriumi that you're interested in joining the student council. " Rank 6 "A strict punishment." Rank 7 "I'm not the culprit." Rank 8 "Don't blame yourself." Rank 9 "They were praising you." Opens on 4/25. " Rank 6 Automatically occurs on 11/27 "I'm all right." Rank 7 "We'll just have to not be seen." "You're Ryoji." "Okay." Rank 8 "I think I've had that dream." "Got what wrong?

" Rank 8 "You were cool." Rank 9 "I'll do my best." Opens on 4/27. Just after school, go to the faculty office and tell Ms. " Rank 4 "They were all mean." Rank 5 "I'll help out too! " "No clue." "Okay." Rank 5 "I hope we'll get to go again." "Why did you buy a ring?

She confessed to her brother, Minato sometime after midnight. She took his hand and intertwined her fingers with his. It's true that Akihiko hasn't kiss her yet - well, the first kiss of the new year - but now she said it out loud, she didn't know that it would sound so embarrassing. Minato was very protective of her when he found out that she and Akihiko started dating.