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Press escort website with pay per view video chat

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Rates and viewing windows are designated by the broadcaster.For example a broadcaster could charge $5 for one hour of access or $10 for a full day of access.

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Like Pay Per Views, subscription packages can be set up for streaming content.Users can login with the same details to many streams you are selling that they have bought.To ensure viewer security, all data collected by the paywall system is enforced and protected.This is done with a third party video player, such as JW Player.It also requires having previously signed up for an ad network account like or Scan Scout.Video Chat Script is fully supported by a professional web development company.

In case you need support or you want new features added, there will be someone to help you in maximum 24 hours.

Each minute is billed according to your parameters.

Allow free connection for all users to benefit from video chat with experts or models on line before requesting a private chat for a fee.

The viewer selects a password and then can login later using these credentials.

This account manages all available content they have purchased.

This is true for every step of the process, except credit card statements and receipts which show Da Cast.