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He cited Kelloggs and Whisper as examples where the former saw a 20 per cent uplift in sales volume on the back of promoted content through mobile, Gmail, and You Tube. The same result was noticed in case of Whisper's 'Like A Girl' campaign which registered a strong double digit hike in product awareness as did the automobile company Volvo Trucks where engaging content was promoted through videos on You Tube. You Tube comes loaded with the two features of Extra Reach Lite which would optimise the reach for TV and You Tube, both from a mere 5 per cent to 50 per cent, and Unskippable Labs where a product such as Nescafe - Blend and Brew, made by Nescafe Thailand was shown to audiences in three different formats - Product (15 seconds), TVC (30 seconds), and Story (96 seconds).The long-format 96-second story was found to have done the best for the digital platform.

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If they switch over to Facebook to post a funny video, they probably won't come back to You Tube for a while, which is obviously a bad thing for the company.Sixty-five per cent You Tube watch times comes from mobile as our most valuable audience is online and the You Tube watch time has surged 87 per cent year-on-year," said Kahn. Kahn next spoke of You Tube creators such as The Viral Fever (TVF) which has created successful and memorable content for brands such as Red Bull and Pepsi.He also mentioned that television (TV) content is being increasingly consumed on You Tube in the last one year as he noted that the lines between TV and You Tube are blurring. He said that content optimisation across platforms can be done through reach and engagement.Shifting brand presence: From TV to You Tube Eric Jumbert, vice-president, Colgate-Palmolive, shared how his team worked on extending the Colgate Visible White television campaign to You Tube where the time spent on viewing was more than TV since the target group of young working women were active on online communities, had an interest in music, and searched for You Tube creators.Colgate Visible White was the first Colgate brand to shift its media strategy from TV to digital as the lead medium., a small group of users already have access to the feature, and can spread it by starting conversations with their friends.

To share a You Tube video, users currently have to to click on the 'Share' button, where they can copy the link or choose the messaging app they want to use to send it.

You Tube audiences and brand engagement Simon Kahn, chief marketing officer, Asia-Pacific, Google, was the second speaker during the afternoon session for marketers.

Simon talked about how mobile has transformed consumer behaviour over the years while smartphones are driving this growth towards what users want. We have to allocate budgets in terms of viewer's behaviour as to what engages them, find out where is our most valuable audience, and what drives the greatest results.

Efforts are underway to help advertisers look for reach, not only through You Tube, but You Tube Go as well.

You Tube Space Wright spoke about having set-up 'You Tube Space' in Mumbai's Goregaon area in collaboration with Whistling Woods International.

It is a place to learn, connect, and create content with the aim to provide resources for India's emerging creator community.