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Sharepoint rss feeds not updating

You can open the Send/Receive settings in the following way; Note: As an alternative, you can disable individual feeds at the bottom of the dialog so you can still leave some RSS feeds enabled which are important to you and only disable your “low priority” RSS feeds.All staff PCs are now installed with Office 2010, as it is required.

I found that if I delay the load of the custom web part to wait for the rss feed to come, it works fine.Also, it seems that Outlook’s send/receive process is getting slower because of the amount of RSS feeds that I have.As my mail is my main priority, is there a way to configure Outlook in such a way that it will only download RSS feeds when I want to?The RSS feed URLs aren't anything unusual, typically just BBC News or similar and definitely valid and working, it's just the web part which won't refresh.I did ask about this on Twitter and got one reply suggesting it might be to do with sites where Alternate Access Mapping is set up but that doesn't seem conclusive for all instances I've seen.Would be interested to hear if anyone else has seen this and if you ever resolved it UPDATE 23 December: OK, can now see where/when the problem occurs.

The problem pages are standard Team Site WIKI pages and have both the RSS Reader Web Part and the Status List (KPI) web part.

Again, would be interested to hear if others can reproduce this. Edit: Actually, I'm noticing a pattern where the RSS Reader will load properly if it's the only thing on the page that's being loaded.

I'm guessing that both of these webparts use AJAX and some form of Update Panel and there is a conflict. For example, use the Menu dropdown and select Edit Web Part.

Data conversion between different data types is managed by the Cloud Connector as good as possible.

Now you are ready to run the connection first time - manually in the Connection Manager (for testing) or in background (later on) using the Windows scheduling service.

Please select the Layer2 Data Provider for RSS Feeds. As a next step lets create a data destination list in the cloud. Next we have to connect the Cloud Connector to the newly created list as a data destination.