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I Think that's my new favourite drama or one of the favorites... I love that the main actress's part really funny and out going when it comes to the guy she likes. The first episode is hard to get through if you don't like historical dramas. I recommend start ING with episode 2 you don't really need all the back story in episode one to understand. Love it so much - sarahskousen1 This is my first comment. The storyline follows really well, and the story itself is good since it is quite common nowadays with a time traveler. Made me cry for the first time while watching Korean dramas. It's very good over all though don't get me wrong :3 Its one of those drama in start you find it slow but after 3 episodes you just got hooked with it, I am just in love with lead pair and they specially performed their character really well.. Ahn Jae Hyun is so good looking so consider watching this. Gu Family Book I'm not always a big fan of historical dramas, but this one really caught my attention!L O V E T H I S A Gentleman's Dignity A gentleman's dignity is an amazing drama. But it is just so smooth that makes it remarkable, no unnecessary side characters or time stealing scenes. Doctor Stranger One of my favorite dramas, hands down! I love Lee Seung Ki and Suzy Bae (they don't turn up until episode 3) - their acting is brilliant and their characters are so likeable; which really made me want to watch more! As many funny scenes as there are, there are emotional scenes and a certain character generates a lot of hatred in you (I don't think I've hated any other character more!

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I was slightly annoyed by park shin he's character when she kept on pushing Enrique away. Ended really well not leaving you wondering what happened to other characters in the show. I can't get over from this I think it should be in top 20 maybe... Park Shin hye is a really good actress and I just fell for Yoon Shi Yoon's charakter here... Ahn Jae Hyun is sooo...perfect...*I'm speechless about everything* Blood is something you must absolutely take with you in your journey.

The heartbreaking scenes just does it and then you're broke too. When I was watching this I wanted to skip episodes and get to the ending because its just exciting. It's so great, funny, and I just can't get enough of it. Please watch this, at first I was so unsure if I should watch it or not, but after I watched it I fell in love with this series. : D Superb My Girlfriend Is A Nine-Tailed Fox It is hilarious especially because the male protagonist does not want her there at the beginning but she keeps on insisting. I am looking forward to her doing another television drama. :) my girlfriend is a nine-tailed fox really captured my heart...

The 4 main actor was so great, they even made me laugh so hard that I notice a tears coming from my eyes. Then how about this: this king is witty, amusing, and smart and finds out that the people he's met so far in the contemporary period are reincarnations of the people related to him within his time. The bromance and the chemistry between the main couple was great Marriage, Not Dating It's awesome! MGIG showcased both her comedy and drama prowess... I WATCHED it many times It's Okay, That's Love I LOVE THIS SHOW!

It's literally the best of all the drama's that I have watched. And since the story revolves around life of four couples facing completely different relationship problems. The chemistry, the story line, the characters, the setting, the actors, the script, everything is amazing. I love the chemistry of the couple which is very natural. The male lead actor played all seven characters really well and except for the female lead actress's meaningless screams everything was so perfect and I waited for every episode to see what happens next. (And then come back here to vote it up because this amazing drama deserves to be on the very top of everyone's list). Seriously this drama just about tops everything that's out there, except my undying love for Do Min Joon. These are the best characteristics to make up a good drama! I've seen lots of Korean drama but my most favourite one is Gu Family Book.

At first I was a bit lost of the story but as I continue watching I can't stop until I realize it was over. You will fall in love with all the main characters including all the sub personalities. You will laugh out loud, hold your breath, bite your nails, love whole-heartedly, hate bitterly and cry your eyes out. Seriously, this was the best drama ever so far in 2015! So unpredictable, the only drama I have watched with one lead guy and two lead girls. The Greatest Love I love this drama very much so cute this drama is my all time favourite I love both cha and him their chemistry is so beautiful and awesome I love cha swung won very very much he is a such a cute perfect person I expect lot from you cha do well god will bless you and always with you. I love the cast, their acting, the story line & I think everything about this drama is AMAZING & GREAT.

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