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Tainted trixter munt dating

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article4244 Norman Records "I’ve not heard Mint before but I quite like some of the Boltfish stuff so I grabbed this before anyone else could so I could have a decent listen on headphones.It’s nice to hear some glitchy melodic electronica as I’ve not heard any in a while.

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So, here you can recall andre estermann and gimmik, and mr projectile.Elsewhere, the delicate ‘Learning To Walk’ sees organic instrumental elements creeping into the mix in the form of plucked banjo, which slowly builds against a rich swell of gentle analogue synths, before brittle-sounding broken rhythms suddenly power up like some whirring machine to take the entire track off in a blur of scissoring breakbeats, before ‘Cypher’ takes things down into a brooding swirl of bass synths, harsh metallic breakbeat textures punctuating the moody atmosphere as bursts of grinding static flit between the speakers.While much of this is certainly well-travelled ground by now, ‘The Metronomical Boy’ offers up a consistently impressive and inspired listen from start to finish." Now Like Photographs "Not since his extraordinary previous release, ‘Cardboard Rocketships’, have we heard unparralled melodies like the ones found on ‘The Metronomical Boy’.This is the third studio album from Mint, and it once again provides an eclectic mix of songs filled with glitchy electronics, crunchy beats, and whirling backgrounds, all led by addictive melodies.The bright bubbly sounds on tracks like, “Ina’s Special Day” provide the necessary contrast to his darker side found on, “Darker Than A Beginning” and “Daub”.«The Metronomical Boy» is archetypal melodic idm from the start to finish.

Crunchy beats, pads with bells, pianos, reverb, naive affectionate themes - something like toytronic or musik aus strom could have released.

It reminds me of some of the Russian stuff that was popular a while back.

The styles vary from upbeat crunchy electronica coated in Lionel Glitchie to more ambient piano based classical sounding numbers but it’s mainly upbeat and crunchy sounding.

Returning home on his daughter Ina’s 9th birthday, Gudmundsen introduced her to The Metronomical Boy and a lasting friendship was immediately born.

pretty much takes off from where its predecessor left off, building on gentle melodic pieces and crisp electronica, tainted with occasional glitches and bleeps.