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Taylor swift dating drew doughty

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Please report any comments that suggest the person is gay or had sex with anybody or has an STD.

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Anyone out there see Taylor and Drew out on town together? If Drew Doughty is getting chicks like Taylor Swift, can you imagine the scene when these 3 Kings rookies hit up the Manhattan Beach bar scene after a game?Our best guess is the boyfriend song is about actor Jake Gyllenhaal, or perhaps a lover she carried on away from the glare of media in the spring of 2011.This may be the most biting Taylor Swift song about a past boyfriend, as she practically throws the curtain up on all the sexy details of her romance with the famous serial lover.There’s a new laboratory where the luckiest people among us (hockey players) are allowed to go.Inside, they submit a list of characteristics and traits for a perfect girlfriend, and the laboratory creates her.Hey, it could've been worse — he could have just texted!

While the song was never released as a single, it marks the first time the singer called out a famous ex-boyfriend on an album.

' Forever and Always,' about Joe Jonas, was written just before copies of Swift's 2008 ' Fearless' album were pressed.

The pop boyband member famously dumped Swift in a phone call that lasted just 27 seconds.

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Nicole describes herself as a programmer and tech venue specialist. Another picture reads “what your Saturday night looks like when you sign up to babysit boys” and the picture is a stack of video games with a hashtag “call of duty time.” Suffice to say Drew Doughty is completely smitten with her.