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This Novel can now be purchased from World Castle Publishing, in both Kindle and paper back formats. The vibrant world Rachel knew was gone and total darkness reined.

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My bottom line approach to advice provides clear and concise answers to today’s dating dilemmas.She must make her way home, hoping that the rest of her family are doing the same. Discover with her how the world has changed forever.Keep eyes on this new Author, whose creations will be represented for film projects. MILTON QUIBNER A most insightful man and perhaps a dying breed, R.Can blind Rachel compete with the alluring Matilda, who refuses to see Rachel’s marriage as a barrier to winning the heart of Thomas?Can cash strapped Geoffrey convince Thomas he still holds Rachel’s heart? But when the vicious vixen next door declares Rachel’s marriage is a sham, and that Thomas will never love her, she isn’t sure what to believe.As a stay-at-home mum, she home schooled her children and owned a successful secretarial business.

She loves nothing more than writing on her laptop while sitting on her deck, overlooking a field of lavender.

As the newlyweds begin married life, sinister events unfold, threatening to destroy their developing relationship. Newly wed Rachel Thornton has no idea what is to be expected of her in this new marriage. Lord Thomas is confused at Rachel’s sudden change in attitude.

Finding herself married to a man she’s never seen posts its own challenges. She seemed perfectly content after their shared night of marital bliss, so he was blindsided when Rachel had her maid move all her possessions out of the master bedchamber.

My advice also appeals to men because I help women take responsibility for their own dating success, rather than blame men when things don’t work out.

My show will inspire women to take control of their lives and not rely on men for validation and happiness. The Dating Revolution airs live every Wednesday at 8 AM Pacific Time on the Voice America Variety Channel.

Milton Quibner has written a most eloquent work and incredibly thought-provoking book on a very ‘today’ and immensely relevant topic. He offers food for thought and pearls of wisdom which other receptive and sensitive males could learn from, arm themselves with, and then hopefully utilize these tips, suggestions and instructions in order to prepping themselves up to laying the groundwork for a blissful, and successful loving relationships with the gals of their choice. : The Satirical Guide to Pleasing Today’s Woman A well-written and hilarious satire… Quibner has set forth a startlingly humorous work, which when reflected against our culture, is quite succinctly/splendidly thought-provoking.