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I’m never one to endorse overseas projects due to this class of investment’s uncertainties as appose to our regular local projects where we know our demography a lot better.However, One18 Residences has piqued my interest knowing the people behind the development and after numerous stress tests on the developer and SRI is proud to be the sole exclusive marketing agency for One18 Residences, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

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This has been such a fun journey thus far and we will continue to learn and strive to build more quality houses which our customers will be proud to own.With blessings with all my friends, clients and colleagues, I’m already he Edge property had just featured this transaction.SRI5000 is responsible for the closed sale and is proud to acknowledge it.Option was issued and accepted but 1st appointment has not taken place and HDB’s approval for sale not obtained yet.If he now buys another property before the 1st appointment and apart from the HDB, he does not own any other residential property, is ABSD payable?As with a member of AEC and situated in almost the same latitude of great AEC neighbours, Thailand, Vietnam and Laos.

They are growing rapidly with strong young population and transforming quickly into a business hub with attractive favourable conditions for new and established businesses.

Reading the article might shed better light as the full article is very neutral in standing.

It was an amicable split that we do things our way to the best of our abilities to give and bring the best to our realtors.

IRAS REPLY ABSD may be remitted on the first residential property purchased by a married couple, .

SCENARIO 3 If a person is a US citizen and also a SPR. Can he choose to use his US citizenship so that he need not pay ABSD.

Find out more about the 2 plots (2A Andrews & 9A/B Berwick) by contacting any of our SRI5000 Elites or myself at 659091 5000 anytime!