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W3 validating

The latest development code for the CSS Validator is available through the Git Hub repository.For a visual representation, see the CSS Validator Sequence Diagram, which is available in png, graffle and svg formats.

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There are two very powerful reasons to validate your HTML as you author it: Validation is your early-warning system about introducing bugs into your markup that can manifest in interesting and hard-to-determine ways.If you have any questions or problems with the validator, send us an email.Download and compilation of the software do not give the right to use the W3C logo on the service.When a browser encounters invalid HTML, it has to take an educated guess as to what you meant to do—and different browsers can come up with different answers.Valid HTML is the only contract you have with the browser manufacturers.This Website shows only the OS version that your browser uses. (Windows, and Linux 32bits)You can find the complete list here: case of unsolved issues, please e-mail me: [email protected] Development Channel lets you test an experimental new version of this add-on before it's released to the general public.

Once you install the development version, you will continue to get updates from this channel.

Both algorithms were originally developed by the Web Consortium W3C. Both algorithms are embedded inside Mozilla/Firefox and makes the validation locally on your machine, without sending HTML to a third party server. For technical reasons, the extension is available in this site only for:- Windows Other platforms are available here:- complete list of platforms is - Windows- Linux 32 bits- Mac Os 32 bits- Mac Os 64 bits- Mac Os Universal (32/64 bits)The old version for Firefox 3 is also available for- Linux 64 bits- Open BSD 32 bits- Open BSD 64 bits- Mac Os X PPC - Mac OSX Intel- Linux PPCFor more information, or other platforms, see: the forum: BB/ If you have any problems or questions with the extension please visit the extension home page: There is a FAQ, download page and translations.

The extension is available on WINDOWS, LINUX, MACOSX. Please double-check that you install the one for your OS and your CPU.

To stop receiving development updates, reinstall the default version from the link above.

Note: W3C is not running Validator Suite nor intending to continue development at this time (see W3C communication from August 2015).

The most common three validators you’ll use are: In this Web Standards Curriculum article, we will cover how to use the first two of these, showing you how to validate markup, interpreting the typical kinds of results the validator gives you.