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Half the children in Africa miss out on school and basic learning as a result of poverty, gender or disability.While major efforts are being made to reverse this situation, Cambridge researchers are working with NGOs on the ground to ask what works, why and how much it costs.

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Or take a leisurely stroll along flagstone walkways flanked by Polynesian and Asian artwork.Oahu is a great place to begin your Hawaiian vacation or holiday.On the North Shore of Oahu, the beaches attract the top professional surfers.It is a popular and convenient location to stay while on vacation. It got its name in the late 1700's when British seamen saw calcite crystals sparkling in the sunshine and thought they had found diamonds.Waikiki is known for its long, endless days of sun, fine golden sand, excellent surfing and a sandy lagoon ideal for swimming. Take a hike up Diamond Head for panoramic views of Waikiki.Sunset Beach, Waimea Bay, Ehukai Beach, Ali'i Beach and Banzai Pipeline are some of the legendary spots along this amazing shoreline. These white-sandy beaches are also filled with body-boarders, body-surfers and sun-worshipers as well.

Located near the North Shore is the remarkable Polynesian Cultural Center, set in a 42-acre lagoon part, You can spend the entire day there visiting the 7-island villages, canoe riders and enjoying over 100 performers.

The work places gill evolution concurrent with shift to self-propulsion in our earliest ancestors.

A destination in itself, this impressive property is nestled within 62 oceanfront acres, offering breathtaking tropical gardens and abundant wildlife.

They have also shown that the so-called “Millennium eruption” of Changbaishan volcano, one of the largest in history, cannot have brought about the downfall of an important 10th century kingdom, as was previously thought.

Fish embryo study indicates that the last common ancestor of vertebrates was a complex animal complete with gills – overturning prior scientific understanding and complementing recent fossil finds.

How do former Lord’s Resistance Army soldiers – men, women and children who have used the Bible as a weapon of war – learn to reread the scriptures once they return home?