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Then our son Harry, 24, left home 18 months ago to work as a broker in Geneva; even my beloved Westie, Pepsi, has died.So these days, I’m living alone — just like one-in-four women in their early 60s — for the first time in my life.

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We used to live by the Thames in Teddington, where we kept a boat on our little private mooring at the end of the garden.The other was so obsessively interested in Rick’s life — the only glamour I had was, it seems, conferred by my rock star ex-husband — that I ditched him, too.My lovely friend Susan — leggy, smart, attractive and in her late 50s — went for a date with a chap we now refer to only as Ratface; not only because he had a sharp, questing nose, but also because he had all the charm and courtesy of a rodent.After a lovely evening with friends, reminiscing and laughing over a few glasses of bubbly, I returned home to an empty house clutching a single red rose given to me by a girlfriend, to commemorate the fact that I share my special day with England’s patron saint.But as I sipped my tea, cracked open my fifth box of tissues and wheezed away, my mind strayed back to another birthday — 24 years earlier — when I’d been even more blessed with blooms and cursed by sneezes. Although my then-husband Rick, guitarist and vocalist with the rock band Status Quo, could be an utter rogue and a serial philanderer, he had a way of compensating for his most outrageous excesses by being the world’s biggest romantic.Dad used to call them The Petals and every day of the summer he would never come home without bringing a daisy for Mum.

When Rick and I first started dating, all those years ago, Dad made it clear he expected my new boyfriend to treat me with such old-fashioned, gentlemanly charm. It hasn’t helped my cause that my son has been as fiercely protective as a Rottweiler.

Each evening, when the weather was fine, we’d sail down to Teddington Lock just before sundown, share a bottle of wine and watch in awe as dusk turned the sky into flaming pink and indigo.

Rick and I finally parted company — after 40-plus years of separations and rapprochements — in 2006 after another infidelity.

The air was heavy with the scent of freesias, and spring blooms decked the bathroom.

Rick Men are just interested in jumping into bed — and talking about themselves It was so wonderful, so overwhelming. Hiding in the wardrobe, peeping through a chink in the door to watch my reaction, before bounding out — sending us both bursting into laughter.

But although Rick loved to make such grand gestures, he was also punctilious about small courtesies.