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Who is hoops dating

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In this exclusive new trailer, viewers get to see the sisters tackle one another, talk about their relationships, and lean on each other when things get tough.PHOTOS: Failed reality TV romances Together the ladies and their tots will navigate the fun times and hardships that come with living together as Alexander pursues her dream of opening her own boutique.

Have you kept in contact with any other of the women from the show? Well, when I did I Love Money, me and Pumpkin had been close all way up until then but money changes people and I’ve seen true personalities. I will always be there for them but for as long as I can remember I was taking care of them, so I was like hold on let me try to give you guys something that you can help yourselves with so that you can move on, so that I can really start to live my life. I’d be coming back home every day to craziness and I’m like, dude, cameras need to be here, like they have too they gotta see this and that’s just what I did.Fresh off a recent painful split with basketball star Shaquille O’Neal, a tearful Alexander is also trying to move forward with her love life.PHOTOS: Stars who got their start on reality TV “We had a really bad breakup, and it was like getting hit by a semi-truck,” Alexander says in the show’s trailer. To really open yourself up and be like, man there are so many layers to me.Was it hard for your family to adjust to the camera living their day-to-day lives? Some of the crew was worried like maybe they weren’t ready and I was like, no, we are going to be who we are regardless and they were so shocked.Yes, it’s so much harder because you are essentially everything: I’m the narrator,the producer, I’m the talent – the sister, the aunt, I’m the breadwinner. I’m in a relationship, trying to start another one.

There were just so many elements to who you are and when you are doing a challenge show, obviously there is one goal, so you don’t see all of those sides to people.

” To me that’s fake because you know what you need to do every time the cameras come around. You don’t have a non-disclosure agreement anymore Nicole, so you can tell us if wasn’t real. I was impressed by the person he was [Laughs] I am just telling you that it truly was. Given the fact that I have done two shows, one being a challenging show and one being a competitive show and winning them, so okay it was time to do something different and I wanted to produce something and be behind the scenes.

I feel like it completely switched half way through and then she became this character and that character she had, she has had to keep all this time because that is what people know her from. And what happened to Pumkin after the you guys had your falling out? I always had to chose the best things for me and make the right decisions and it will keep just going on and on and a lot of people get on reality TV and think like, “Oh wow I’m a star now” and I always think way beyond that.

I gotta tell you that girl will do anything to make it a point to be noticed, but the thing about it was it wasn’t half way through the show that I noticed that she completely flipped the switch. I went to London with him and watched him perform and are very close.

She started off losing her head and I do know that she had been an actress out in LA before that. He and I are super cool friends and all that you saw was really real.

To stand on that podium with 19 other girls, not knowing who was going to walk through the door was crazy.